Jun Sun



 Founder of the Green Cross

a Commonweal Organization

Sun Jun has ever served as Deputy Director of the Global Village of Beijing, Rural Sustainable-development Project Leader of the Environment and Development Research Center of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Executive Director of Beijing Association on Education for Sustainable-development of UNESCO EPD Education Project. In addition, he has been invited to participate in the large-scale environmental activities at home and abroad, such as “China-US NGO Forum”, “World Earth Day – China Action”,“World Summit on Sustainable Development”, “the Role of Civil Society and Chinese Environmental Problems” Symposium.

Furthermore, he has once been selected as the“Capital Green Star”, “Chinese Rural People of Largest Capacity to Act”, “Ten Most Influential People of Chinese Folk”, “Top Ten People Moving Xiangfan of 2007” and so on. Furthermore, he is also regarded as the “Chinese Eco-painter”.