Wenkui Liu



The Executive Director of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation

After graduating from Nankai University in 1991, he worked in various areas including trading and future investment. He joined China LGOP Western Human Resource Development Centre in 1996, and has been the assistant director and the deputy director. He was responsible for the implementation of the "labor export" and "micro-credit" sub-projects under the southwest, Qinling World Bank's Poverty Reduction Project

He joined China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation in 2001 and became the  Executive Director in April of 2012. He has been in charge of fundraising, project management , and has rich experience in fundraising, design and implementation of poverty alleviation projects, institutional governance and other aspects .

He was the leader of both Wen chuan and Yu shu earthquake relief work and then rural livelihood development work after earthquake. As a member of the Appraisal committee for AIM competition he will provide practical advice to the operability and feasibility of the projects.